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CausaDB is the cloud-native platform for causal ML

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Reliable actions
with causal ML

Unlike standard AI, CausaDB’s causal ML technology understands not only how the world works, but how to operate in it.

  • Optimal actions that save money, reduce waste, & build trust.
  • Truly explainable AI, by design.
  • Data-efficient algorithms eliminate the need for large datasets.
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Causal ML with zero overheads

CausaDB is engineered to be simple, easy-to-use, and fast. We handle the complexities so your team can focus on what matters.
  • Build, manage, and deploy causal ML in a few lines of code.
  • Cloud-native with zero overhead.
  • Plug-in from anywhere with our SDK, supporting popular languages and data sources.
  • Dedicated support from our expert team & community.


CausaDB is a fully-featured platform to build causal ML into your applications


CausaDB is designed to be integrated quickly and easily without expertise in all layers of the stack.


No need to configure or manage your own servers. We handle all infrastructure on our cloud.


Plug in to CausaDB from popular environments like Python, Node, and with a REST API.

Simulate Actions

Simulate the outcomes of possible actions before they're taken.

Best Decisions

Find the optimal actions to achieve a goal, even when there are complex constraints.


Go beyond A/B tests with adaptive experiments that stop as soon as you have enough insight.

Custom Plans

Customisable plans to suit your organisational needs - from startup to enterprise.

Whatever plan you choose, we assign a dedicated causal AI expert to help you get the most from CausaDB.


Cloud-native package that scales with your team. All the features you need to get started with causal AI in the cloud. Discuss with us how we can help you get started with causal AI.

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  • Full access to CausaDB
  • Production-ready resources
  • Email & video call support
  • Implementation support
  • Optional submodule add-ons


Enterprise grade cloud+ package that fits the needs of large organisations.
Get support in building models and integrating them with your apps and systems, or have us build a decision-app for you.

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  • Full access to CausaDB
  • Production-ready resources
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated implementation support
  • User management & SSO
  • On-prem/self-hosting options
  • App building solutions

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