Accelerating Clinical Trial Results

Optimise experimental design and data collection to get results faster.


Clinical trials are often lengthy and costly, with traditional methods relying on fixed experimental designs and large sample sizes. This can lead to inefficiencies, especially in the recruitment of patients for rare diseases. Additionally, many drugs fail in late-stage testing after significant investments, resulting in substantial financial losses for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


CausaDB employs intelligent sampling algorithms to optimise data collection, ensuring that high-quality data is obtained with fewer participants. Early stopping algorithms allow decisions to be made sooner, reducing the need for large patient enrolments and accelerating the trial process. These features help improve recruitment for rare diseases and provide more reliable results. By leveraging our API, software providers can integrate CausaDB’s advanced analytics into their existing systems. Built-in explainability and uncertainty quantification also ensure transparency and confidence in the trial outcomes.


  • Optimise experimental design and data collection for faster results
  • Reduce trial costs by minimising patient enrolments
  • Avoid late-stage failures and save significant investment costs
  • Improve recruitment and reliability for rare disease trials

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