Cutting Cloud Infrastructure Costs by >30%

Reduce cloud costs by >30% while improving user experience.


Cloud infrastructure is a backbone for modern digital services, offering scalability and flexibility. However, as applications grow, so do cloud costs. These rising costs can quickly become a financial burden, especially without effective cost management strategies. Traditional methods of cost optimisation, such as manual adjustments or static rules often fail to account for the dynamic nature of cloud environments, leading to inefficiencies and wasted resources.


Causal models provide a deep understanding of the relationships between different components of cloud infrastructure and their cost implications. By accurately simulating the impact of various changes, CausaDB enables precise and effective cost optimization strategies. For example, it can recommend optimal resource allocation, scaling policies, and cost-saving measures such as rightsizing instances and scheduling non-critical workloads during off-peak hours. CausaDB's integration capabilities ensure that these optimisations can be applied seamlessly across existing cloud platforms.


  • Reduce cloud costs by over 30%
  • Improve user experience through better resource allocation
  • Enhance scalability and operational efficiency
  • Lower Scope 3 emissions

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