Causa Announces Pre-seed Funding Round with Twin Path Ventures

February 9, 2024

Prof. Daniel Franks

Today Causa announces a pre-seed raise of an undisclosed amount. The round was led by AI specialist VC Twin Path Ventures with participation from angel investors. Causa’s flagship product CausaDB brings causal AI from the lab to developers' fingertips for rapid integration with apps.

Co-founders Professor Daniel Franks and Dr Jordan Hart met five years ago at a research-intensive university, working together and publishing papers on new machine learning approaches. Later they pursued separate industry roles, where they each became concerned by seeing businesses misled by decisions made by standard AI which is designed exclusively for forecasting.

“When two things seem to be related, it doesn't always mean that one thing is causing the other to happen. It’s a simple truth. Yet standard AI gets confused over this, leading it to completely wrong decisions that cost businesses money and trust.” said Dan Franks. “Causal AI gets it right. It's the only AI that can actually tell you what actions to take to achieve your desired outcomes. It answers your 'what if?' questions and tells you all of the best actions to take.”

Causa’s flagship product CausaDB is a cloud-native platform that makes it easy to build, manage, and deploy causal AI. This enables development teams to focus on the application of causal AI without the burden of managing complex infrastructure. This is of enormous benefit across industries from healthtech, martech, to retail, logistics and more.

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